Jubilee Farms can’t grow grass

Before WWII, a majority of people knew how to grow fresh produce from their backyards. Today, we get our food from these “super markets” but only if you are lucky enough to have access to one. “Food deserts” exist in every city in America and local residents have little choice of where to shop. Higher prices, few choices, and transportation issues contribute to poor health.

Imagine if a community gathered together to help solve its own food shortages while creating jobs in the process? This is happening not only in Cincinnati but all over the world. People are reclaiming space. Instead of grass – they grow food. 

We value the work that goes into making our produce pesticide and herbicide free. It’s important to us that you eat only the best of what nature provides. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see fields of produce grown on currently vacant land? We got it started and now we want it to grow! 

 Join us on the farm! We will be announcing work dates and involvement meetings soon so you can be a part of a solution to hunger and poor health right in your local community. 

Take the time and Discover Jubilee in your life! 

About the author: Thomas Hargis

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