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Revitalization Through Community
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Find out more about our community meetings and join the conversation about Jubilee in Cincinnati!

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The Jubilee Project

We take run down buildings, hire members of the local community, and bring them back to life.

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Jubilee Farms

From outdoor gardens to indoor herbs to hydroponics. Find out how Jubilee is part of eliminating food scarcity in our city with fresh, locally grown produce. Order Today!

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ECI and other Partners

Those who partner with Jubilee to make the work happen!

Rev. Thomas Hargis

Senior Pastor
Husband – Father – Author – Graduate of Duke Divinity School – Contractor – Musician

Coming soon!

Urban Gardens/Hydroponics
A longtime resident of Cincinnati, Mimi has a passion and gift for gardening.

Michael Williams

Construction Manager
Nick has been a valued member of our team since 2015 when Jubilee first started.

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